It will happen in September: a new revolutionary idea will soon appear in Turin, Italy.

It is a private primary school where kids will not need schoolbags and they will not get homework or grades on their assignments. This new concept, also known as “The Possible School” will be located in Italy, at the Basic Village in the city of Turin. It is a private institute created by Laura Milani, director and “CEO” of the Iaad, Istituto di arti applicate e design


As she affirmed: “Time for school and time for family must coexist. The choice to have classes of max 15-18 students has been made to help each child to get the right amount of attention, with the aim to create an efficient and interactive collaboration between students and teachers.

Teaching will be divided into 5 main areas: literacy, image, science, sound and movement. Every year, the young students will be progressively participating in activities involving English language. School will open at 8 am and close at 5 pm, but there will only be 3 lessons of 80 minutes each. The rest of the time will be dedicated to long breaks, meal time and play time.

But the real news is this: in the school, it will not be necessary to bring schoolbags because all the educational materials will be provided directly by the institute itself and will only be used on the school premises. In this way, children will not be forced to bring anything home with them, resulting in more quality time spent with their families.


In conclusion, CEO Laura Milani said: “This school has chosen to empower children and make them independent, trusting their intelligence and talents. The free time, during evenings, week-ends and vacations is sacred. Life is often our real teacher, not the school”.

From our side, we strongly hope that this project will be successful and more schools will follow the same idea, in every part of the world, for a better future made of quality time and real life.


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