WOMEN AND MEN AT WORK – Two Sides Of The Same Coin

In the last 15 years I have been working in different countries and had the opportunity to gain a closer look at different business environments. Unfortunately, my lesson was that sexism is still a big thing in the work place.

Men are still favored in managerial positions. On the other hand, if a woman happens to be in a leadership position, she will often give a hard time to all the other co-workers and subordinates.

This common scenario makes us aware that meritocracy is still trying to find its place among genders.

What could be the solution?


A simple solution can be found in our daily lives, outside of work. We should, individually, undertake a deep research into the appropriate concepts given to “female” and “male”. Besides the biological differences, we can easily combine our male and female elements to the best of our abilities, exploring new ways to approach things and new ways of thinking. We could ask to ourselves: “how would I react if I was a man/woman?” or “what would I choose if I was a man/woman?”. The answers may remain incomplete or unclear, because after all we are still a product of our body, but we would begin having access to a different world, possibly much more colorful, with plenty of solutions, distancing ourselves from repetitive stereotypes and most importantly helping us to achieve a more neutral and objective position when it comes to making choices.


Here is the point: to be able to deal with both our female and male sides we should go through a huge psychological process; one which would ultimately leave us full of doubts and mentally exhausted. A “job” that most of us choose to avoid, often ignoring the positive aspects and benefits of this phase.

So we keep growing, continuing to be ignorant in regards to our differences in sexuality, which is the main reason we decide to build and protect incompatible love relationships and career paths. Because if we don’t know who we really are, we also can’t really trust our life choices. That’s why our choices are often hurting us. A good choice would leave us with a light-hearted sensation and a positive vibe, whether it be successful or not.

Knowledge can help us to rise but can also kill us, metaphorically, because we know wisdom always has a price. But without personal inner-revolution we would not be able to progress efficiently in any areas of our life. And this just because we have only chosen to use half of our potential.


In the big picture, by not considering “two sides of the same coin” in certain situationswe are slowing down the progress of this world, silently and unconsciously promoting a dangerous regression.

Written and posted by
Manuela Camporaso 

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