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In this article we explore and learn about the life of King Wolf.
A man with one noble goal: to create a Free Education Platform that is ran by, owned by, worked on, and paid for by the people


King Wolf – The Story

King Activist logo With backroundHow did I become a musician?
You see, I used to be an activist and before that a boxer. I have always had this feeling like I was meant for more and it was not until my knee injury that I had the time to really discover who I am. I got into philosophy for a while and that lead into a passion for the martial arts. I really loved pushing my mind and body to greater heights. I began to meditate after that and through that I found a bit more of me. I realized I hated the way this world kept turning, only to continue getting worse. I have always felt angry at the lack of thought put into creating the change people wish to see.

That is when I really started to get into activism. Slowly at first but it grew and grew until I just had to become more. I had to do more! I have been of many groups and to be honest I thought they were all an absolute waste. I mean wow! People do not create any more and the most people are willing to do is destroy. This is what i found to be a constant issue when dealing with online activist. They refuse to put in the hard work for free. At a time when internet security was a huge risk and was emerging I chose to leave all those groups behind.
Moving forward I created my own movement! (World Operation Lost Freedom) which incited a sort of spiritual war with those I left. After having spent all that time helping these people, they got mad cause I did not believe in their mission anymore. I realized if I wanted to make the changes I wished to see than I had to do it all myself. This is the way I have lived my life anyway so to me this was not anything new to deal with. It sucked that the best of the best were just people who enjoyed getting revenge. The idea of creating changes seemed almost foreign to almost every activist I have ever spoken to. They just want to cry, scream, complain, and lash out! “It is like people want change but never even thought about doing it themselves or rather tossed the thought aside because it was too hard.”

It took months of reaching out and I had to deal with so many fakes or rather unserious participants joining up just to call themselves W.O.L.F. “It was Ridiculous”. Finally, though, I had built a team of 5 people who were willing to work hard for a goal that was above even themselves. Pushing forward with a plan of creating a social media platform for the people.

Back then I was not particularly good at the marketing angle or rather getting people’s attention. Just did not know what to do, really. After about 6 months and a ton of failure we got our first base code up on GitHub only to discard the project because free servers would not host our social built using ruby on rails. We then started building another from scratch using python and php. Server cost grew over time and our battle with other activists was growing out of control.head to the sky - CopyEventually the servers shut down due to lack of funds and everyone went to war with each other over what to do about the cost of the project. The growing pack I had built was attacking each other and it was right about than I had the idea to use my writing in a way that could make money for the work I truly wished to do. This was my greatest hassle yet and the greatest step forward I have made.

After looking at all my options and the way this world worked, I knew what I had to become. I knew, music was my path or at least a part of it. I knew even back then that it is was only through music that I could reach YOU and I wanted to earn enough money to pay for my projects.


The question was how do I make music? I had never written a song before.
To put it nicely my pack did not agree and that lead to a falling out. Putting my movement on hold for a little while, I pushed into the music scene with high hopes of making a positive difference. It was not easy to find my sound either let me tell you. My first work were absolutely appalling compared to what I make now and that’s a testament to what hard work will do for you. Through the process of learning from one failure after next things got easier. I started to understand what it is to be a musician. All you got to be is yourself.

This is truly the most vague of all the ways to explain the process of evolving music however it’s also the most insightful/helpful piece of knowledge one can carry with them. Music doesn’t come from a computer, a microphone, or any of the equipment you use to play or record your sound. It does not come from the engineers who handle your sound either. It comes from YOU! You are the music and the sound flow through you.

KW indie logo with backround - Copy
Let me ask you though.
How well do you know yourself?

How did I go from a social media to wanting to build a free education platform?One day I was struggling with how to get a better sound through mixing and I must have watched 20 tutorials trying a bunch of things out getting nowhere cause none of them took the time to truly explain from start to finish how they engineer the song. Most of them used templates for quick mixing and tools that I did not have. After wasting more time then I care to admit I finally ended up paying a producer to show me how he would engineer a song over skype. To this day I have taken that knowledge and expanded it further now using my own methods able to confidently produce quality sound that people will love.

This is but one example where investing in myself has given me more back than I ever spent on the knowledge! I think what I am trying to leave you with is the very real sense that you too can be anything and start from anywhere. I know so much these days it is like nothing for me is out of reach. This is how I feel, how I have always felt and how I will continue to think pushing forward. What is crazy is every failure lead to knowing more and that experience only drove me further.

How far are you willing to go for your Dream?
This question is one I ask myself every day.
I hope you will do the same.

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