THE HOLISTIC ALCHEMIST – A Modern Shaman in Sydney

The Holistic Alchemist is a home-business based in Sydney Darlinghurst and it offers a variety of one on one holistic coaching sessions. download
IMG_0812.jpgManuela, from Italy, is a qualified Personal Trainer (Australia), Circus and Theatre Instructor (Italy) and Emotional Coach (Italy). Her experience has brought her today to help people find their inner balance with the aim to help them to face their ups and downs in life with more optimism and motivation.
Logo.jpg“I don’t do magic or any mysterious activities, as my business name may suggest. What I do is try to connect people with their own true self, whether this be a pleasant process or not. I want people to believe in their dreams and act on them, but before that, they must discover all the faces of themselves, and practice acceptance. Sometimes the -transformation- happens quickly, sometimes it is a long journey, sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. I am just a tool and it is not so much about what I can do, rather what people that come to me want to really do with themselves. Life is ups and downs and almost never a straight line; all of us get to know this, at one point, but we also should learn how to cope with this dynamic and extract the best for ourselves and the community around. It is a difficult time where we live, but I believe every Era has been difficult, we just need new tools and perspectives to continue growing and evolving as humans.” – ManuelaIMG_1322


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